On sewing and boat jobs at home

When I’m away from my yacht I find it relaxing to have things to do related to her, and bringing items back from her to fix, paint, varnish or toy with is a source of disproportionate pleasure!  And so it was yesterday I sat down in our home in Besançon, hundreds of miles away from Portsmouth (let alone the nearest bit of sea) and addressed my old Singer sewing machine.

I bought it a few years ago but it was originally made in Glasgow in the 1920s.   Very robust and very basic, it is beautifully engineered and a credit to its era and the Great Britain of the day. It was, however, definitely not aimed at the male market back then, as the blurb shows:


But I find it a thing of beauty, and it if you actually read the manual carefully and bother to thread everything as it should be, it is a very efficient way of repairing sails and making curtains and covers and so on.  I will definitely take it on long voyages. The job on hand was to make 3 new curtains out of material with backing, to prevent light from coming in under the hatches in the aft cabin and forepeak.


Three hours later the job was done.  I am no expert and improved decidedly as I progressed – but I hope future crew will sleep more soundly and for longer thanks to my endeavours!


3 thoughts on “On sewing and boat jobs at home

  1. Nicolas Casanova

    So funny Nick, I do the same for Syrakko. I’m obliged to confirm that the Singer sewing machines have not ne designed for the male market.
    By the way, I will sail to Audierne next week-end before entering the Biscay golf and go further south !!!!
    Nick or Nico…


  2. Je te souhaite bons vents pour Audierne Nico. Il vaut la peine d’entrer avec la marée pour être au coeur de la ville et près des magasins. Photos du passage par le Chenal du Four et le Raz de Sein obligatoires!


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