Spellbinder in Yachting Monthly

You may be interested to read that Spellbinder and yours truly feature in the October edition of Yachting Monthly in an article about wind vanes. Will Bruton, the Sailing Editor, came aboard a few months back to sail with us while doing the research.

The article is on pages 48-55, and you’ll see us on pages 50-53, with me pretending to know what I was talking about.

Meanwhile preparations continue for the Atlantic circuit as planned, with the next passage from Madeira to the Canaries, stopping off in the Salvagens, scheduled for mid October.

One thought on “Spellbinder in Yachting Monthly

  1. Chris Cooper

    Hi Nick, I will grab a copy when I’m at the boat show tomorrow. YM did a review on my HR29 in Sept 2015 and I asked them to send me a pdf. If you don’t already have a pdf it might be worth asking/ Regards, Chris.


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