The Windward Islands – South to North

Following the RYS cruise,  Sue and Jonty joined me in Grenada to spend half term sailing back up the Windwards chain to Saint Lucia. As there is often a northerly element to the easterly trade winds, and combined with the current which sets west, more often than not we were quite hard on the wind.  That said, there was nothing too drastic and we spent a very pleasant and memorable week together with lots of swimming, snorkeling, walking and eating well. The itinerary for those interested was: Grenada – Port Louis, Dragon Bay, and Tyrell Bay and Sandy Island on Carriacou; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines –  Clifton and Chatham Bay on Union Island, Saltwhistle Bay and Tobago Cays on and by Mayreau, Admiralty Bay in Bequia, and Petit Byahaut and Wallilabou on Saint Vincent itself; Saint Lucia – Marigot Bay.

Rather than describe each and every event I simply leave you with some of the photos we took, with a little commentary under each.


Taken in Clifton. Feet in the ‘merde’ but always looking proud – the cockerel’s fate.  My French friends love the analogy, particularly when their rugby team is having a tough time…

DSC_3457 - Copy


IMG_4356 - Copy

We walked high up above Chatham Bay on Union Island to a ridge where we got great views over the anchorage.  A giant soldier appeared to have left his helmet here in the 1940s… 


We came across a hermit crab on this walk too

DSC_3464 - Copy

DSC_3470 - Copy


DSC_3475 - Copy

Views above and along Satwhistle Bay, Mayreau


Obligatory lobster tails in Tobago Cays.  We also swam with turtles and Sue had two large black rays pass underneath her when swimming.

IMG_4351 - Copy

I can’t quite recall which beach this was, but thought the photo was worth putting in the blog anyway…

DSC_3492 - Copy

One of the better-known local boats in Bequia.  Inspired by tobacco, perhaps?

Petit Byhaut still

Petit Byahout, a small bay on the western coast of Saint Vincent.  Utterly deserted and accessible only by sea, we had some of our best snorkeling here in gin-clear water. Photo taken by the drone.

IMG_4341 - Copy

One of the many boat boys / men who greet you in Wallilabou.  This is Zico, very proudly showing us his photo in Doyle’s guidebook.


Sunset in Wallilabou. We anchored off and ran a long line to a palm tree ashore.

DSC_3529 - Copy

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia.  We walked up another high ridge through rain forest to get the view. It was a luxurious finish in a lovely spot.

DSC_3531 - Copy

DSC_3547 - Copy

DSC_3526 - Copy

Sunset in Marigot Bay…


…where I also had my haircut by this fine gentleman, who not only has one of the best-positioned barber shops in the world, but also cuts the Saint Lucian Prime Minister’s hair…

It was a memorable week.  After saying goodbye to Sue and Jonty, I single-handed Spellbinder on quite a boisterous passage north back up to Martinique, where I am readying Spellbinder for her next crew, who arrive this coming weekend.  We will be spending the first two weeks of March heading up the Leewards, all going well.

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