Epoxy layers and electrical re-fit

Spellbinder’s hull has now been blasted and the slow process of filling some voids (a defect in the manufacturing process) has now begun.  This involves painting a special epoxy sealant over the hull and keel (several layers – 5 on the keel), a job I expect to be complete by the middle of next week. Thereafter, a special copper-based antifoul called Coppercoat will be painted on (a further 5 layers) and the job will be complete.  This should, all going well, mean that no further hull work (save for the occasional scrub) should be required for 10 years.

Meanwhile the electrical refit starts next week: 4 new solar panels, a new helm plotter, AIS B (a transmitting automatic identification system), a wifi aerial and router, internal fans for the tropics, new domestic batteries and a long range radio (SSB).

I get to inspect the work on Mon 25th September and will report back!  Meanwhile below are photos of the hull and keel as they currently are today.

Hull blasted 13 Sep 17 1Hull blasted 13 Sep 17 2Hull blasted 13 Sep 17 3

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