Final preparations – departure tomorrow (16 July 18)

After getting back from France last night after an eventful day on the Champs Elysées, we have spent today doing final preparations with a view to departing down Channel with the tide tomorrow lunchtime, destination Madeira.

This morning I changed the water maker filters (3 paper and a carbon one), flushed the system and stored a whole load of personal gear, while taking a whole load of extraneous books and other things off.  There then followed a general sort out and a big shop – see photos below.  I was amazed at how much storage there is with the freezer and the fridge and the various cupboards around the galley.  We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the world cup final and then celebrating with some charming French sailors we had met in the pub, who kindly invited us back to their yacht for rum and whisky to celebrate. My crew (son Tom and friend Tiger) then got some food at a restaurant called MacDonalds…

The plan is to sail out into the Western Approaches into what look like gentle westerlies – which hopefully will have a bit of north rather than south in them – and then find the northerlies provided by the helpful anticyclone sitting to the west of the Continent. More to follow via SSB emails to the home base (thank you Sue) which should give you an idea of our adventures.  A full report with photos and hopefully video will follow once we reach our destination.


Two big trolleys required..lots of teabags…


…with a commensurate bill (Tom wasn’t paying)


Somehow it all fitted…


Final supper for the crew

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